The Native Advertising: 6 points to keep in mind

Native Ad: a fast-growing format

In the context of advertising that is more respectful of Internet users, advertising is reinvented via so-called “native” advertising, an in-feed ad format that is less intrusive in the surfer’s navigation . It comes in the form of widgets, in-stream videos or sponsored posts on major media sites such as Le Monde, Libération, Le Figaro, etc.

Native Advertising has thus invaded the global web and is now found on most major online advertising media: according to eMarketer , it should represent 63% of total advertising investment in the US in 2019 (against 54% in 2017).

In terms of performance, the native can convey a positive image of the brand , since according to Oath , the probability that they recommend the brand increases by 51%!

The Native Advertising: 6 points to keep in mind

The native is …

  1. a perfect integration into the architecture of editorial content – through its form, location, and content;
  2. the content marketing : an informative speech, not just business;
  3. change in the relationship that the user has with advertising due to its appearance of content;
  4. the transparency to the user regarding its advertising nature;
  5. the guarantee of a qualified and committed audience ;
  6. parade vis-à-vis the adblockers.

Learn more about Native Advertising

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