The main two main trends fall winter 2019

Fall and winter are two very important seasons for your home. Indeed, during this period of the year a Frenchman spends an average of two to three more time at home than in the spring. With the help of Maisons du monde, we have put in place the two main trends to come on this end of the year 2019. Here is the list of the three aspirations planned for the end of 2019.

Azuki zenitude to its climax

This first trend comes straight from the Far East, the land of the rising sun. With their increased sense of art and decoration, Japan represents a timeless inspiration of the last decade. With the attention to detail, harmony and serenity that emerges in both architecture and interior design, we rest and allow us to take the time to contemplate what we usually ignore . Stay Zen no matter what the situation is the motto of Azuki’s spirit. Azuki invites you to make room in a world where traditional and modernity are one. Thanks to natural materials such as wood that attaches to the forms and refined styles of the wall decoration to the lights of the room.Assemble everything with a Japanese-inspired decoration and find yourself in a quiet and peaceful space . Find all the furniture and decorations used on Maisons du monde’s website. Do not forget with the use of a Maisons du monde promo code enjoy incredible discount.

Boston: Homogeneous heterogeneity

This second 2019 inspiration owes its name to Boston’s melting pot spirit. Between a chic wood both dark and clear married to a modern metal all surrounded by a powerful leather that asserts its presence in the room. The secret of chic without fuss is summed up in these three materials. Create a modern urban vibe by adding spikes of coffee, and mustard yellow on the textile, all encircled with glass to accentuate the American loft side. This contrast related to the heterogeneity of the basic elements used mixes to create a homogeneous atmosphere that will delight the finest minds of us. Use the Maisons du monde promo code to get the Boston spirit in your living room at a reasonable price


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