Take control of your spending with coupons

You can make purchases with a few clicks on the Internet. No more trips and rounds of the shelves to find the best products. Besides, online marketplaces promise even more. These give us the opportunity to control our spending thanks to electronic coupons. Here’s how the system works.

What about e-coupons?

In the early days, physical coupons were inserted into newspapers and had to be cut to use. Now, we are talking about electronic coupons and they are available on online merchants or specialized sites. The most well-known type of e-coupon is the promo code. It is a series of numbers and/or letters which makes you prefer discounts on the price of a designated product. The other types of e-coupons are the gift offered on a purchase and the free shipping cost.

How do e-coupons help control your spending?

For an e-merchant, a promo code is a way to boost sales while satisfying more customers. For its part, the cyber buyer benefits from an economy on its online shopping. The alphanumeric combination of code corresponds to a percentage or cash discount. As an example: take advantage of a 12% discount on items in the toy department with this code or save € 25 by buying household appliances.

Taking these sentences into account, you will see that a promo code is reserved for a specific product or department. Often other conditions follow, namely a minimum purchase of € 50. It will be at the time of payment that you will realize the reduction when you apply the coupon. However, it will be necessary to know how to use the code correctly in order to see the discount obtained.

How to properly apply e-coupons?     

It is possible that you come across a promo code and that it is valid. However, to increase your chances and increase your savings, the ideal is to look for coupons on reserved sites. Indeed, there are combinations that do not work and others that are no longer valid. Before applying a promo code, you must read the conditions that come with it. If the advantage is indicated for an item of the household appliance department, it will certainly not work on a high-tech product.

It will be in an insert on the payment interface that you can test an e-coupon. Obviously, it will be necessary to put in the basket and select the eligible article. You copy or enter the alphanumeric sequence in the box provided for this purpose and click on “validate”. If the purchase price drops according to the discount value indicated, the e-coupon works. The same applies to the shipping costs. It is the same when a gift is promised to you by an e-coupon.


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