Pulsed light depilation of the jersey

Pulsed light depilation of the jersey, is it feasible? Should precautions be taken?

The jersey is an intimate part of the body that is invested by a high density of hair for the woman. The solutions for waxing the jersey currently count in large numbers. You can find the traditional method with a razor, the use of wax, or an electric hair removal device. Recently, a more revolutionary method has emerged and allows to enjoy an excellent result in this part of the body. This is the pulsed light hair removal. But is it really effective on the jersey?

The answer is a big yes, this method is effective and very practical to have a soft skin, clean without hair and silky on the shirt. It must be known that this part of the body is very sensitive. The use of the best pulsed light epilator must first of all take some precautions. What are they ? Focus.

Prepare yourself before beginning to wax the shirt in pulsed light

Spraying the shirt with a pulsed light hair removal device requires you to learn about some safety precautions before starting your session. This method can be done yourself by having a depilatory equipment pulsed light. Avoid tanning or exposure of this part of the body before your session, about 4 weeks are needed. Spraying with a razor is essential before passing the pulsed light epilator.

This allows the flash of this equipment to perfectly target the bulb of the hair. It should be known that the pulsed light will radically destroy the bulb and slow down for a long time the regrowth of hair. Camouflage your tattoos or moles, if there are any on that part of your body. The flash of pulsating light should not perceive them. This can have serious consequences on your skin afterwards.

The progress of a session of hair removal with pulsed light

During your session, you should be sure to wear the safety glasses provided with your Pulsed Light Hair Removal Equipment. The flash on this unit may cause serious damage to your eyes. So, it is important to pay attention. How to wax with a device with pulsed light? You must follow a certain well-structured route on the area to be treated. It is thus necessary to leave a place, move your device slowly and in an organized way so that each bulb is eliminated correctly.

You have to concentrate during your session, because ironing your device’s flash twice in the same place should not be done. Risk of burns can be caused because of this.

Note that after using a pulsed light device on your shirt, redness appears. There is nothing to alert. This is a normal reaction of your skin. If you want to soothe some tugging felt on the shaved area, you can apply a homemade natural mixture that relieves you. This blend includes essential oil of rosemary and lavender, not to mention a large amount of aloe vera juice, about 250ml.

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