How to stay motivated when you play sports?

Motivation is the main driver for going for a sport. And it’s true, it can be lost too quickly. However, over a long period of time, it will help you achieve your goals. To have a constant motivation, you have to change your way of thinking. It must be said that what we do every day will have a decisive impact on our future life. Each of the decisions you make has an impact for the future.
In summary, doing small daily actions over a long time will be beneficial for you later. If you want to start or resume the sport, you have to go slowly by setting achievable goals and listening to your body. After 1 to 2 weeks, your body will begin to get used and the body aches will go away little by little.

To get started, you will have to make small changes in your daily life. Start by analyzing what you eat and the physical efforts you make during the week. You can replace the coca with sparkling water, chocolate biscuits with fruit. You have to make small changes as you go. As much to warn you, you will not see the results anytime soon: they depend on your morphology. If you follow a diet plan and play sports, the results will be seen. Be patient. Solutions exist, however, to analyze your results day after day. Connected scales like Fittrack can help boost your motivation. Connected to a free mobile application, it allows you to track 17 precise measurements on the composition of your body: Weight, BMI, muscle, hydration, bone density, BMR, protein levels, body age, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat , normal weight, weight control, body fat, fat free weight, muscle weight, amount of protein and degree of obesity. Track your progress day after day will allow you to track your progress and keep motivation. If you are on a diet, the app will establish your results over the week, month and year by evaluating the decrease in fat percentage. The Fittrack scale has a cost but you can save money thanks to our exclusive promo code Fittrack which offers you 15% on all the site with the code AFILIZA as well as the free delivery in France.

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