Get an AdWords promo coupon for your first campaign

Today, all web entrepreneurs recognize the usefulness of Google Adwords . This tool allows everyone to generate banner ads that will appear at the top of the SERP. Adwords campaigns are an integral part of the marketing strategies of major brands. Google encourages all webmasters to use Adwords. Opening a new account allows you to obtain a promo code of 75 €.

Launch your first Adwords campaign and get a coupon
Few Adwords users know they can get a promo code after opening their accounts. This offer has existed for many years. Only new registrants must pay certain formalities to receive the coupon.

Interested parties can call 0800 81 243 and follow the instructions to get this gift. By opting for this first method, we will be entitled to one month of free support, which allows beginners to launch their first campaign in the best conditions. Video tutorials are also available so that uninitiated people can target the right queries. You should know that the telephone line presented above is only available between 9 am and 6 pm In addition, call center agents do not receive calls during weekends and holidays.

If you do not have the possibility to contact the managers, it is also possible to claim the coupon by completing a form dedicated to this purpose. This second method has some disadvantages since it will above all invest 25 € in a campaign to receive an Adwords promo code worth 75 €.

How to use your coupon wisely?
Google offers this coupon code of 75 € so that new users can launch a campaign at lower cost. In all cases, the advertiser must first make some preliminary studies to target relevant queries. You should know that ads are displayed according to the targeted keywords. The success of the campaign will depend mainly on the targeting done. The creation of landing pages should not be neglected to optimize the conversion rate of the site. It is important to make a convincing case for the visitor to make a purchase.

To spend 75 € wisely, it is advisable to follow an Adwords training before launching. Thanks to the lessons given by the professionals, we manage to master all the techniques and all the tools to use. Likewise, we can make ads more profitable and target qualified prospects.

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