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How to choose your pillow perfectly?

Do you wake up every morning with strange sensations on your neck? You have the impression of not having good sleep? What is the concern? Know that it’s easy to spot your problem. This is definitely a pillow problem. It should be noted that bedding is an essential element to have a good restful and restful sleep. A bad pillow can be a source of some sleep problems and a bad night not relaxing at all. What is the solution ? Making the right pillow choice should be your first priority. Discover in this article the important rules to follow in order not to deceive you in your choice of pillow.

Distinguish the concept of sleep pillow and rest pillow

Is there a difference between a rest pillow and a sleep pillow? This is a question that never crossed your mind! While these two types of pillows are really very distinct. They each have their own functionality and different neck support. For a pillow of rest, it is only used for moments of relaxation.

As for the sleeping pillow, as the name suggests, it is used to sleep more than 8 hours. The best way to have a soothing and restful sleep is to choose the best shape memory pillow for proper support of your head and proper support of your spine at a good height. The shape memory is a type of sleep pillow suitable for falling asleep. So, do not hesitate to get some to sleep like a baby.

Know your positions during the night

Pillow patterns in today’s market count in large numbers. Some are designed according to the positions of the user during his sleep. Before choosing a pillow, you need to identify your different positions while you sleep. Do you sleep on your stomach or on your back?

If the answer is the first, you will not need a pillow. This position allows you to have the vertebrae perfectly aligned so there will be no problem even if you do not use a pillow. However, even with this position, you can still adopt a pillow in case you can not do without it. Plush pillows made from a soft, fluffy and flat down are appropriate.

In another position, like sleeping on your back, the pillow becomes a must to hold your head so that it does not lean too far back. Note that ears with a hard enough strength can lead to serious migraine problems. They are therefore to be banned from your selection. The ergonomic pillow or also called shape memory ensures a perfect fit for your head, neck and column. This type of pillow fits perfectly to anyone, regardless of age. In case you prefer the side positions, the flexibility of your pillow is the first word of order. A wool pillow would be ideal.

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